Monthly Trainings


AUGUST 2019: “Simple & Actionable Tips to Help You Save NOW!”

Did you go over-budget this summer? Perhaps you had unexpected holiday expenses or the back-to-school took you off-track? This training is here to help you! You will get simple saving tips you can implement right now to help you save more!

Q&A All things finance with Mara Liz Meinhofer CPA and Financial Educator Membership Group

JULY 2019: “Q&A Session: Ask Anything Related to Finances”

Topics covered: Q1: Health insurance for unemployed people. Q2: How to manage your finances when one’s life circumstances change. Q3: What are the types of insurance available for individuals. Q4: How to select a Target Date Fund in Vanguard.

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JUNE 2019: “Healing Our Relationship With Work & Money”

This month we will talk about money mindset and we will dive into “The Law of Divine Compensation” book. We will discuss the book in two calls. Details below.


MAY 2019: Wills & Health Care Proxies ~ Protect Yourself & Your Family

At the end of this training you will have a Will and a Health Care Proxy. Watch the videos below and post your questions in the Facebook Group.