I teach you how to overcome the barriers that are getting in the way to managing your money wisely.

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  • You can enroll in one of my online courses. This is the most cost effective option to working together. Courses start at $147 and are divided into three topics: money mindset, how to manage what you’re already making, and investing. I recommend you take the courses in that same order.

  • We can work one-on-one. Here you get my full undivided attention. We dive deep into your financial goals and concerns, and I craft a customized solution for you. One-on-one packages start at $1,500.




I meet you exactly where you are to help you overcome your financial needs.
I help individuals, couples, and business owners.
I also work with employers and event planners to teach their audiences in a group setting.
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Let’s be real... When it comes to money, one thing is what you know you should do, and another is what you end up doing. There’s two sides to money: an emotional one and a practical one. I help you with both. For the emotional side, I have a step-by-step process where we dive deep to uncover your subconscious beliefs, patterns, and behaviors around money; think “Financial Therapy” to identify emotional money barriers. Then I have another process where we roll up our sleeves and do number crunching. I teach you how to save, pay debt, spend (guilt-free!) on what you love, and accumulate money for goals and to invest.

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The Money Talk. Couples experience challenges around money mostly because they don’t understand each other’s money dynamics (which are mostly subconscious), and because they don’t have the right tools to communicate their differences effectively. The longer this goes on, the more likely a couple can experience challenges that with the right support can be avoided. I take couples through a six-session process where you’ll understand each other’s money dynamics, learn how to communicate around differences kindly, decide how you want to manage your money together, and make a financial plan that suits both of your needs.

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Business Owners:

Business Finances 101: Not all business owners understand business finances. Yet they should. Depending on how involved you’d like to be, I teach from how to do your own bookkeeping, to analyzing financial statements and questioning the ones who do the accounting books for you. I break it down and make it very simple. Building a business is very hard. You owe it to yourself to spot financial challenges and opportunities on time. 

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Financial Wellness. I deliver financial education classes, programs, and seminars that teach employees how to save, pay debt, spend wisely, accumulate money for goals, and the basics on how to invest. Did you know 53% of employees are stressed about their finances? Those who are financially stressed are more likely to be distracted at work, miss work due to financial issues, and cite health issues caused by financial stress. As an employer, you have the opportunity to step right in and offer much-needed guidance. This can potentially increase productivity, reduce absenteeism, and also builds goodwill that helps retain workers and attract new employees.

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Event Planners:

Let’s face it. Everyone worries about money; we just need to talk more about it. I deliver money talks filled with insights. They evoke emotion and use storytelling to keep audiences interested and engaged. Audiences feel inspired and motivated. The get “aha” moments, receive practical steps they can implement right away, and leave inspired to develop better money habits. To watch me speak on stage, you can watch my TEDx talk “How to Get Yourself Out of Crisis”, here.



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